Tuesday, September 7, 2010

long ass day

It has been one.

I thought about psychedelic music, and how, to me it's a sound, I guess. But it doesn't necessarily need drugs.. it's just a hypnotic aesthetic that is exciting to people.. . Same with art (an escher drawing). It's all a matter of repetitive geometry at times, which in itself is a meditative activity.

It's annoying to me when people assume I could only have my taste in music and art because I do drugs all the time. I don't really. And I have nothing against those who do. Anything psychedelic can just as easily be enjoyed with an open mind.

The term 'pychedelic' draws the same disdain from people, in the same way that 'sexy' does. People just have to get over it and accept that sex and drugs feel alright and are not all evil; Water can nurture you, water can drown you too.

This brings me to the thought I had one time, a question (on EVIL):

'What if the christian God you know is actually Satan fooling you?'

Your old christian satan is known to do that kind of thing, so why not?

CLIP of the Day:

Your truly adores this song,

i want to sing in a band like that

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