Sunday, September 12, 2010

Racy stock photos

THERE IS A STOCK PHOTO FOR EVERYTHING, what a scary world we live in... So yes, I dredged up too many. I am very mature.

dad's eating cheesies and chain smoking on the computer again.. my he looks enthused with Oh, well let's say something that is frightening to his daughter.

Well this couple are havng a themselves in a dark dark computer-cave.

WHITE TRASH LOSER! (-Louis CK on white trash, a fave of yours truly)

All you need for your questionable transvestite in pink heels peeing on the wall presentation! Or maybe it's just a confused woman pouring some water down a wall. We will never know.

Do you ever feel handcuffed when typing on your silver laptop..?

Or maybe you feel more like a miniature naked man with a curly mustache is riding the side of your head.

I just don't know why this image is here, I guess for humour..

Well I guess some of us are aroused by white clouds...

aw c'mon guys that is awkward


I like your boots

Your guess is as good as mine

Dad's smokin cheesies

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