Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm finally going to take this blog seriously

Flattery has driven me a little. Anonymous people and people I know tell me that I have to blog what I like cause apparently I entertain them thoroughly.

So here you have it. I have decided to make a little post every day then.

Last thing that entertained me thoroughly was:

Dang atta dang atta dang BONG BONG BONG

'Looky look what we got here"

"Just slam it into his face"

"dooong dooong don't you Ev-err DO THIS!"

...and so much more!

Musings of the day:

"I wonder if androgyny ever changes, as trends in favorable male/female traits change over time.

I can tell you I know that attractiveness changes... Celebs who were 'hot' in the 80s, some were totally heinous."

*IF* you want my body

"I don't know why so many pictures of Daniel Radcliffe show up on google images when you search 'sex symbol'. I guess he stood naked next to a white horse or something onstage to affirm his maturity?? Hm.. Horses are mighty trendy nowadays."

I just googled Ugly Sexy and this is what you get: ugly-sexy-bathtime.bmp ooo

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