Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thank Jehovah, for Kung-Fu Bicycles

Talking to an old friend of mine on the MSNs, I was sent this strange documentary about people who write wierd songs, send them in, and get them recorded (for a sizable charge). Some songs are serious, some are downright STRANGE!

Here's a taste:


Here's the real doc, if you so desire to see:

I too am a songwriter, among other things. At the moment, I am battling tendinitis, an inflammation of the tendons in my wrist (painful). Which means NO GUITAR, UKE, FIDDLE, BANJO, or lifting anything.

I got this from strumming 1 4 5 chord progressions at unusually high velocities. I went to a bluegrass festival.

When I am feeling particularly inspired (music or art or thought), I really don't want to shower (and neglect to do so).. I don't take care of my overall appearance and wish I didn't have a stupid body to take care of. I'd like to stick it in a vault and pull it out when I need to use it.

I had this same thought after watching the gut wrenching Food Inc. documentary about HOW BAD factory farming is and how its everywhere now: again my gut-instinct was "I WANT NO BODY TO FEED so I don't have to part take in this." I think my wish is to be an ethereal spirit that is a set of eyes and a mind, a voice and hands to play music.

I wish I never had to sleep or eat or fuck. I'd like to erase all appetite and just read, speak and sing.

A body, by yours truly [oil on carved wood]

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